Shipment to Afghanistan

Roadfreight to Afghanistan (truck)


- Groupage service: 

groupage truck freight service with multiple weekly departures, on client's demand we can also arrange collection directly with international truck. The service is available for normal and ADR goods.

- Fulltruck service: 

roadfreight service with booking of fulltruck available both for normal and ADR cargo. Maximum payload per truck is 20.000kg. 

- Reefer Fulltruck service: 

shipment service with booking of full refrigerated truck, the best option to foward all those goods which characteristis makes them perishable, from foodstuff to medicines. Maximum payload per truck is 20.000kg.

Airfreight to Afghanistan (air shipment)

EXPEDEAST regullary organizes aifreight shipments from the European Community to the available Afghani airports, Kabul and Kandahar, with particular attention to the follow up of every phase of the transport, from pickup to arrival including the issuing of export custom documents.

Multimodal Shipments to Afghanistan

EXPEDEASST organizes multimodal shipments ocean + truck via Bandar Abbas-Iran port. Shipments are followed up in every details for loading of container, to seafreight, our staff at Bandar Abbas port provides a complete service for custom transit operations, transloading from container to truck and forwarding to alla major Afghani cities. 
If transit time is not your main goal our multimodal service can be an efficient way to reduce costs for shipments to Afghanistan.


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